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The pharmaceutical industry is one of Britain’s leading manufacturing sectors with exports of several billion pounds. The UK is home to some of the most successful pharmaceutical companies in the world that, between them, hold the second largest market share after the USA. Of all the medicine sold in the UK, about half is being developed in local laboratories.

To add to this it is also one of the largest employers in the UK. Medical or research professionals who are interested in pharmacology will find that there are many opportunities for career growth and for being part of a discovery that might just change the world. Statistically speaking the UK is a great place to start as 20% of the world’s greatest pharmaceutical breakthroughs were made here.

As research and development is the machine that keeps the industry going, potential employees will find that opportunities abound here. Pharmaceutical companies in the UK invest about £4.3 billion in research and development of new medicine every year. The role of medical professionals in the pharmaceutical industry is often downplayed and misunderstood. In the UK along there are more than 1000 dedicated doctors who work in the fields of clinical research or as advisers and consultants. Yet the field of clinical pharmacology and research receives very little attention in university curriculum.

As the study of medicine becomes increasingly complicated due to new technology, it becomes more and more important to the pharmaceutical industry to have a great team of suitably qualified doctors and nurses on their staff.

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